The idea of not being tied to traditional offices has become a viable reality with the pandemic. Hospitality companies are jumping on the Work from Anywhere (WFA) trend which has accelerated this year.

Founded as a hotel and members club concept for entrepreneurs, hospitality start-up Ethos has pivoted to offer WFA retreats for individuals, entrepreneurs, and companies called Ethos Remote Habitat. Cost starts from US$1,450 per week.

Ethos Remote Habitat offers companies with a distributed workforce a unique twist. “The intention of ​Ethos Remote Habitat​ is ​to bring the ​future of work ​to companies by ​giving them this unique opportunity to set up their own campuses for their employees to live/work and rejuvenate in nature,” according to Globetrender.

Ethos Remote Habitat runs retreats that offer “events, fitness classes, co-working facilities, accommodation, three a la carte meals a day, weekly “family” dinners, housekeeping and wifi.”

Co-founder Janko ​Milunovic said: “The future of work includes companies having remote sites where their employees can go to live and work remotely.”

For individual digital nomads, the Ethos business model is similar to other co-living/co-working operations.

Ethos looks to partner with property owners who are financially hurting due to the pandemic and look to “to rent their entire hotels, houses, condos, or other lodging properties for at least 30 days (usually 1-6 months),” according to the company’s website.

“We are making that happen by reactivating lodging impacted by Covid-19 to facilitate remote live/work for companies and individuals with a focus on physical and mental wellness and community building,” Milunovic said.

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