Marriott’s entry into short term rentals, through its Home & Villas by Marriott International, has managed to draw a lot of attention. Now, we learn that it is using these rental bookings to entice members of its loyalty program, Bonvoy.

This venture is not expected to generate notable revenues, but according to Skift, it “might have the surprise side effect of converting hotel customers into vacation rental customers.”

By introducing people to the vacation rental product, Marriott is introducing hotel regulars to alternative accommodations as a preferable alternative.

Jeff Hurst, chief commercial officer at Vrbo

“For someone to use a ton of points to experience a vacation rental potentially for the first time in a way that feels safe is likely to get them hooked on the idea that [rentals] are the only way to go [for a luxury vacation],” Hurst said. “That’s good for our sector.”

photo credit: magic rocks, homes & villas by Marriott international

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