West Hollywood’s Planning Commission hesitantly revised their zoning code to permit residential structures in business zones that have been wrongfully leasing private units with leases of 31 days or longer to lawfully keep doing as such for the next ten years.

Complexes that have already been offering these illegal rentals can now rent up to 30% of units in their buildings for 5 to 30 day stays.

This only applies to buildings that were participating in illegal short term leases — copies of leases must be provided in order to receive the required permits. After getting this permit, buildings in the Sunset Strip wanting to offer short-term 5 to 30-day rentals in 30% of their units must apply for a conditional use permit.

This zoning change will last until Dec. 31, 2029, which is a stipulation of the settlement. All units must convert to a minimum of a one-year lease starting on Jan. 1, 2030.

Why Did West Hollywood Make This Change?

The decision comes because of a settlement in a lawsuit between the owner of the AKA West Hollywood apartment complex and the city. They will be the primary beneficiary of the ruling, but other complexes including the Dylan and the Huxley on La Barea Avenue will benefit.

The city estimates that 300 units will now be available for short term leases — 101 of which are in the AKA West Hollywood complex, with 30 units now available for 5 to 30 day stays.

The zoning commission wasn’t thrilled about the change but felt as if it had to approve the plan as it was a result of a settled lawsuit.

However, this plan does provide some stability. It will eventually provide the result the commission was looking for — but not until 2030.

photo credit: AKA

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