The Variety, a boutique hotel brand that has its sights set on the younger generations, is primed to launch its Miami Beach property in February.

The space was designed from the ground up to appeal to social media enthusiasts, with a 5,000 feet courtyard filled with a variety of social media friendly backdrops, a kitchen that specializes in vegan fare and featuring the option for shared rooms, capitalizing on the growing co-living trend.

The tagline, in which the space is described as a “social-inspired hotel,” also reflects this branding, as does the inclusion of a co-working space and a bar stocked with local beers and liquors. Additionally, the hotel’s co-living spaces, referred to as shared quads, are reasonably priced, which should help attract consumers. As of this writing, a bunk in a shared quad starts at $29 for a night.

“We know the world of travel has evolved for the next generation and we’re embracing this evolution with open arms,” said Adam Verner, founder and CEO of Springhouse Partners, the developer behind The Variety. “The hotel industry has shifted from standardized accommodations to more creative, locally-inspired experiences and we’re excited to be able to bring this new concept to life.”

The hotel will feature 70 rooms when it soft launches next month and will boast curated activities that take advantage of the local community, which is in line with recent studies that suggest younger generations prefer experiences over material items.

photo credit: the variety

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