Anyplace, a US-based flexible housing platform, has announced a series of partnerships with co-living operators, bringing their enterprise to Southeast Asia.

This will bring Anyplace to Indonesia, Singapore and Bali, thanks to partnerships with Lyf (Singapore), MetroResidences (Singapore), Outpost (Bali, Indonesia), and Hustlers Villa (Bali, Indonesia.)

Founded in 2016, Anyplace is a platform that specializes in helping digital nomads book temporary housing arrangements as they travel.

The company is currently in talks with several more operators in the region, with plans to enter the market in Jakarta, among other locations. Ultimately, Anyplace hopes to have ten properties in each city that they operate in.

“Co-living companies are emerging everywhere as it has become a trend –not only in the US,” CEO and co-founder Satoru Steve Naito told e27. “We aim to build a global network for co-living businesses and flexible housing provider.”

The platform focuses on mid-term lodging, with guests typically staying in one of their spaces for more than 30 days, but under a year. Their facilities are often fully furnished and Anyplace offers month-to-month renting options, putting them in line with the recent trend of accommodation companies catering to digital nomads.

CEO Naito places himself firmly in the digital nomad camp, as he grew up in Japan and, after high school graduation, often found himself moving to different locations.

“I wanted this product for myself: I hate to commit to a long-term contract, and I want utilities and wifi taken care of when I secure a room,” he told TechCrunch.

The company also offers a “nomad loyalty program” which rewards repeat customers with airline tickets and other amenities. The company even plans to introduce insurance that will cover eviction costs for up to $10,000.

In June of last year, Anyplace raised an additional $2.5 million in seed funding, from Jason Calacanis, FundersClub, UpHonest Capital, East Ventures, Keisuke Honda, Kenji Kasahara Bora Uygun and Global Brain.

photo credit: anyplace

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