With international travel curtailed and a continued desired for isolation vacations, rural lodgings are getting a lot of interest from travellers.

Demand for luxury ‘private hire residences’ is strong. These short term rentals are generally upscale properties that have luxury amenities, a mix of the best of private house rentals and hotels.

Wilderness Reserve runs two large estates of 15 properties – country houses, luxury farmhouses, and holiday cottages – in the English countryside.

Its recently renovated Chapel Barn Estate offers a collection of luxury period properties available for short term rental. Occupying 5,000 acres in the Suffolk countryside, the seven properties in the estate can be rented individually or collectively for one night to one month.

Accommodations range from the one-bed electricity-free Hovel through to Chapel Barn itself, which comes with 18 en-suite bedrooms and now includes luxury facilities such as an indoor swimming pool, cinema, gym and spa.”

While Chapel Barn is not a hotel, it does offer a range of dining options, from six-course tasting menus to luxury hampers delivered to your door. The house specialties are fire feasts by the lake – flamed local produce served on sharing platters at long banquet tables.

Activities on offer include paddleboarding, clay-pigeon shooting and ax throwing, spa treatments, bonfire experiences, and child-friendly owl encounters. Guests can also cycle around the estate on Pashley bicycles.

The Globetrender

Cost can range from £270 to £3,635 per night depending on the property.

This is the second country estate in Suffolk under the Wilderness Reserve brand. The company also operates Sibton Park.

The trapping of estate living, from activities to sustainable dining, is gaining momentum with similar concepts offered through Soho Farm House and Birch.

photo credit: wilderness reserve

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